QUIT NOTICE: Arewa youths reverse position, say Igbo should remain in the North

Yerima Shettima, leader of the Arewa Youth Group that issued a 90-day ultimatum asking Igbo to leave the North, has made a U-turn about the eviction order appealing to Igbo not to leave the region.

The eviction order raised a lot of dust, with youth groups from the South-East exchanging words with their counterparts in the North.

Some political observers say this new twist is a result of Acting President Yemi Osinbajo’s mediation.

Speaking to The Sun in an interview, Shettima said his group issued the notice in order to rein Nnamdi Kanu in.

Below is an excerpt of the interview:

Question: You speak as though you have no regrets over the quit notice you gave. Can you assure the Igbo that they are safe in the North?

Answer: No, they are safe. You can rest assured they are safe. You can quote me; they are safe in the North.

Question: And nothing bad will happen to them?

Answer: They are safe. Events and time have changed the mindset of the northerner, not even me who represents their interest. A lot of them have realized that truly this young man does not speak for the entire Igbo. If we had not come out with a statement we probably not have realized that a lot of Igbo are not in support of Biafra. You can now see that we have reduced the entire IPOB struggle to nothing but a fraud. So now to an extent it is a plus for the Nigerian government.

Question: So you can publicly say the Igbo shouldn’t go?

Answer: No, they shouldn’t go. They should relax. Officially, we will make an announcement to that effect because it is a collective thing. So they can rest assured of their safety and security, God willing. We have no problems with the Igbo living in the North, but there are certain things we need to put in place so that officially at the level of the coalition we can make that statement.

Yerima Shettima recently dared security operatives to arrest him following his call for Ndigbo to leave the Northern region.


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