Teenage girl bites off rapist’s penis


A 17-year-old girl has bitten off the manhood of a man, Miguel Francisco, who attacked, forcing her to perform oral sex act on him.

According to Daily Star, the rapist was left with serious injuries after she sunk her teeth into his private parts during the alleged attack.

The incident happened in Saltillo, in the north- central Mexican state of Coahuila, Mexico.

In the middle of the alleged sexual assault, she was able to sink her teeth into his genitals.

Francisco was said to have gone to a hospital in the city to be treated for the bite wounds to his penis and testicles.

According to the newspaper, doctors quickly became suspicious of the injuries and reported him to the authorities.

Police stormed the hospital and arrested the suspect who has now been charged with rape.

The teenage girl, who cannot be named as she is entitled to lifetime anonymity as the alleged victim of a sexual assault, is believed to be helping with the investigation.


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