Senators condemn Army’s operation in South-east

Senators representing the five states of the South-east have described as ill-conceived and anti-human rights, the military operation codenamed Operation Python Dance in their region.

In a statement, chairman of the South-east Senate caucus, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe said the Igbo senators viewed the military operation as one that could jeopardise their on-going engagement with the Nnamdi Kanu-led Biafra agitators, which the lawmakers suggested were exercising their constitutionally rights.

The statement reads: “We had hoped that our ongoing engagement with the group would be given a chance but here we are with a hurried military action deep into a highly populated area with high propensity for casualty, which occurrence would rather escalate the already tense situation.

“It is more worrisome that military operation, ‘Python Dance 2,’ restricted to the South-east in a peace time, has no doubt fouled the environment and sent strong signal that the region is under siege, which should not be so in a democracy.

“We, therefore, urge extreme caution and advise the military to de-escalate the situation and choose the best operational modus that will not only guaranty the safety of Nigerians but also enhance national unity.

“Nigeria is not at war, people are only exercising their constitutional and universally guaranteed rights, so far they are carrying on in a manner that has never given room to violence which could warrant a wholesale military expedition.”


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