Peter Obi not stingy, he donated N100m to hospital, Nigerians berate Mbaka

Some Nigerians have taken to Twitter, to counter Enugu Catholic priest, Father Ejike Mbaka, for saying that Mr. Peter Obi, Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, will never be president because he is stingy.

Mbaka had said during a church programme, that a stingy person like Obi cannot be president of Nigeria, as according to him, the country needs a generous person as its leader.

Mbaka emphasized that it is better to have an old man as President than a ‘stingy young man’.

“A stingy man, that cannot give people his money, with this hunger ravaging the land, and you are saying he is the one you want. You want to die of hunger? Are you people insane? Where is the Holy Spirit?” Mbaka said.

“It is now that Atiku is seriously contesting for President; now that he is contesting without Peter Obi; it is now that he is serious? We want somebody that is serious. Unless Peter comes here to kneel, if he becomes President, he will close down this ministry. What we are doing is spiritual.

“Listen, a good old man is better than a young wicked man; Peter Obi is going nowhere as far as God lives. If Igbos want a representative, it is not someone like Peter Obi.

“I should not have talked but I saw my video going round everywhere as if Fr. Mbaka wholeheartedly came out and apologized. No, I didn’t apologize wholeheartedly, it was out of duress. I had to obey my Bishop, in obedience I had to, it is not of my volition. I did it because I am a Catholic Priest, my Bishop said, do it, my own is ‘Yes my Lord.”

However, many have taken to Twitter to attack the priest, while maintaining that the Catholic clergy is wrong about the former Anambra State governor.

Stingy man donated 100million to Bishop Shanahan Hospital School of Nursing and Midwifery, Nsụkka. What a stingy man! Said Maazị Ogbonnaya Okoro, @maazi_ogbonnaya.

Another user, @AfamDeluxo, saidOn the 07/09/2021 His Excellency, Peter Obi donated ₦100m to Bishop Shanahan Hospital of Nursing and Midwifery, Nsukka. Enugu State. Yet Fr. Mbaka has the effrontery to tag Peter Obi stingy simply coz Peter Obi refused to be emotionally blackmailed in 2018/2019 in his church.

On his part,Nwoke Agulu, @OkoyeCardinal, said “Mr. Peter Obi donated this money on 07/09/2021 his own personal money and Mr. Mbaka said he is stingy.

@AfamDeluxo repeated, “More than 130,000 People unfollowed Fr. Mbaka’s official page after his propesterous comments on Peter Obi.

“Expect more to unfollow today by the time the news trends globally. Again, Peter Obi is an unstoppable movement.

According to @Ezigbo_mmadu,90% of Nigerians abroad became less religious immediately they traveled because the government of the country they reside in has already provided close to 100% of what they do fast & pray for. Same reason hy Mbaka prefers a bad leader, so that his religious business will keep booming.”

@novieverest,Mbaka was not given money by Peter Obi some years ago. Show me a project where I will put money into and see the result. That’s all Peter Obi asked for. Till today Mbaka has refused to rest

@GideonFidy,Mbaka supported Buhari the worst president ever bcos they gave him money, Mbaka supported Hope Uzodinma because he got money from him, even if you are BH just give him money and he’ll support you. Nobody rate him again.”

@taqueenobi, ”While other men of God are encouraging voting for the right candidate, mbaka is looking for who will buy our future with money. SHAMEFUL

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