I killed only 3 persons, jail breaker caught inside soak-away pit confesses

Oluwatosin Ikuhemeyin, 24, dropped out of school and joined a cult group known as “Aye” at lgbokoda, in the llaje Local Government Area of Ondo State.

From being a member, he rose to the position of leader, and was nicknamed “Number One”. He later advanced in his deadly mission, which earned him another moniker – “4G network” – because of his shooting skills.

Police authorities in the State described Oluwatosin as a notorious and murderous cultist.

In a supremacy battle in the community, the cult group he led was alleged to have killed some members of a rival group. However, nemesis caught up with him during one of his escapades, as he was ambushed by the police and arrested. He was later arraigned in court for cultism and murder.

Thus he was remanded at Owo Correctional Centre but escaped from custody during a jailbreak in March this year.

Consequently, Oluwatosin was put on the wanted list of the State police command over his role in several cult clashes in the State, some of which resulted in the death of members of rival cult groups.

After his escape, he relocated to Ogun State, where he joined another cult group and resumed his atrocities within the State and beyon.

Oluwatosin however, sneaked back to lgbokoda area of the State on July 4, at about 7 pm, unknown to him that he was still under surveillance.

Acting on credible intelligence, detectives at the Igbokoda police division mobilised and invaded his hideout only to discover that he had fled again.

But following a thorough search, the suspect was discovered inside a soak-away pit, having sensed that police detectives were coming for him.

While being paraded by the police, Oluwatosin claimed he had killed only three persons during his escapades in the community and not the number given by the police.

His confession:
“l was a member of a cult group called Aye and I was the leader, the number one, in Igbokoda before I was arrested and sentenced to correctional center. Although, I am a sharp shooter but I have only killed three people during cult clashes and not several as claimed by the police

“I was arrested in Igbokoda, but I escaped from Owo Prison in a jailbreak with some six other people after spending two weeks in the prison.

“I met with some people in the prison led by one Dada, who was planning on how to escape from the prison before I got there and they co-opted me into the plans and it was successful. We escaped through the toilet and it took us some days as we always filled the toilet with water to weaken the place.

“There was an Hausa guy who understand the techniques and eventually we succeeded in escaping from the prison. After the escape, I headed straight to Akure in my house to change my cloth and left the town for Ogun state where I worked with some people before returning to Igbokoda to work with the fishermen on the sea.

“I only come to Igbokoda to relax when the policemen sighted me and arrested me.

“It has been long I involved myself in killing, I have changed and I only killed three people during reprisal attack on a rival cult group.“I have handed over all my guns to one Golu who took over from me. After I handed over the throne, the other members have all deserted me because they no longer trust me because I was arrested and escaped from prison”

Speaking on the arrest of the notorious criminal, the Police Command spokesperson, Funmi Odunlami, said that acting on security report, police detectives including the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), arrested the ex-convict inside a soak-away pit in lgbokoda.

“He had been terrorizing Igbokoda community, in the State, before he was arrested and sent to prison.

Odunlami noted that the suspect had been on the wanted list of the Command after he escaped from prison with six others during a jailbreak in Owo.

According to her “the suspect escaped from Owo prison with six others and has been on the wanted list of the command over his role in several cult clashes in the state which led to the death of some members of another cult group.

“He was a leader of Aye cult group and was arrested in a soak-away at Igbokoda area of the State.”

The police spokesperson assure that the suspect will be arraigned in court soon.

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