Elon Musk faces lawsuit after sack of Twitter workers

Hours after laying off several workers, Twitter boss Elon Musk is already facing a lawsuit.

The sack notice was announced on Thursday through an internal memo circulated to all Twitter staff worldwide.

The email notified the company’s employees that by November 4 they would know their future stance with the company.

A former employee said those who lost their jobs were denied access to company logins on Thursday night without prior notice of their terminated contracts.

According to Bloomberg, the initial speculations suggest that up to half of Twitter’s global workforce may be laid off.

In the United States, dissatisfied staff filed a lawsuit against Twitter, with claims that they were not informed about the termination of their contracts, as stipulated by the provisions of US Federal law.

It is believed that strict labor laws in Europe may strain the process and make it expensive for Musk to dismiss local employees.

There are concerns that more than 50 per cent of Irish Twitter employees may be affected by the lay-offs after they began receiving notifications on Friday morning regarding their future in the company.

Musk tweeted that Twitter suffered financial losses resulting from activists’ pressuring advertisers.

Reports say Twitter’s CEO did not say anything about the lay-offs, and the social media platform is yet to comment officially.

Responses from the affected employees show that Musk’s decision to sieve over half of Twitter workforce was not received lightly.

The Director General of Twitter France, Damien Viel, passed a farewell message with the hashtag #lovewhereyouwork.

Former Senior Manager at Twitter, Joan Deitchman, also posted using the same hashtag #lovewhereyouwork, saying “All that is gone”.

External Communication & Public Affairs Director, Audrey Herblin-Stopp, also tweeted using the hashtag #lovewhoyouworkwith.

She noted that the lay-off of public policy executives was not helpful in achieving “real free speech”.

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