Power generation drops again by 1,835.6mw

The total quantum of electricity on the nation’s power grid crashed by 1,835.6 megawatts within a period of three days,  according to reports.

After attaining a peak of 4,282.6MW on August 2, 2017, power generation crashed to 2,447MW on August 5, according to the latest data on the performance of the grid obtained in Abuja.

Power generation has continued to fluctuate for several months now, as operators blame the development on gas and frequency constraints.

The recent power briefing from the Transmission Company of Nigeria stated that 1,651MW of electricity could not be generated as a result of frequency management constraint on Friday alone, which was due to loss of feeders of power distribution companies. It also stated that the reported gas constraint resulted in the inability to generate 505MW on the same day.

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