Oyegun, a virus in APC – Gov Obiano

Anambra State governor, Willie Obiano, has declared that the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief Odigie-Oyegun, lacks moral authority to speak on good governance in Nigeria.

Obiano was reacting to a statement attributed to Oyegun where he called on the governor to ‘prepare his handover notes’ and get ready to vacate Awka Government House, boasting that the APC governorship candidate in the November election will win the poll.

Speaking through his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Strategic Communications, Mr. Oliver Okpala, the governor said the APC national chairman’s record as first civilian governor of Edo state was unenviable and as such he lacked the moral authority to sermonize on good governance.

He said: “This is a former governor who has no traceable achievement to his name as far as his tenure in Edo state is concerned. Apart from high level of thuggery, brigandage and insecurity, no one can recall any meaningful development recorded during Oyegun’s tenure in Edo state.

“It was also during his era that a very low level of governance was introduced to that state, a clear departure from the pragmatic and result oriented leadership style of the likes of Professor Ambrose Ali and Dr Samuel Ogbemudia, both of blessed memory.

“It was during Oyegun’s tenure that the song of ‘no money’ for projects became the regular cry in governance circle in Edo state. He could not think outside the box.

“Many Nigerians still remember that Oyegun also won the unenviable record of the Governor during whose tenure Edo state recorded the lowest score in WAEC. The records are there for all to see! So, what is a failed governor talking about when it comes to good governance?

“Indeed Oyegun has no moral right to speak on issue of good governance in Anambra state or any part of the country. If what we practice is a democracy then the will and wish of the people should be respected.

“Many Nigerians also know how he emerged as National Chairman of the APC. It was a clear case of political imposition which has left the party prostrate till date. As we speak, the APC under his watch cannot hold meetings of its crucial organs. No wonder its house is in disarray.

“What this clearly shows is that Oyegun is a virus in APC, as he has foisted his regime of lack of internal democracy in the party. No wonder the party is seriously bleeding today, suffering from constant defections, calamitous directionless, and crass incompetence. The implication is that the party is heading for doom if Oyegun is not quickly removed. No wonder, a prime founder and leader of APC Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his followers have since called for his removal.

“It is this weak leadership style that he wants to import into Anambra state? After all what is his business with Anambra when he has not been able to put his own house in order.

“Oyegun’s declaration that his rudderless party would take over Anambra is also an unfortunate exposure of that undemocratic spirit and cancer that has befallen the APC. If what we practice is true democracy, where democracy is the government of the people, for the people and by the people Oyegun could not have made such an unguarded utterance.

“His declaration that ‘APC must take over Anambra’ is a signal that they are bent on forcefully overturning the will of the people who are the true custodian of democracy.

“Granted, as Oyegun said, Anambra is crucial to their plot of making inroads into the south east, but must that be achieved through undemocratic means which often leads to bloodletting and mayhem?”


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