Our conscience holds key to world peace, Jonathan tells Malaysian audience

Former President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, has demonstrated that he loves peace and believes a world that is peaceful is achievable in the midst of circumstances beyond human control.

The human conscience is one thing he believes holds the key to world peace, but there is something everyone must have to do to achieve this.

Jonathan, Friday, addressed the World Peace Summit holding in Kuching, the capital of Malaysian State of Sarawak and jointly hosted by the State of Sarawak and Junior Chamber International (JCI).

It was the end of the Summit and the man described as one that placed his country’s unity above his personal interest in 2015 was asked to address the gathering.

His famous message at that time read: “My ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian”.

One thing he will like to see is a world where youths engage in more profitable ventures and not in war or other vices that have put world peace on the brink. Both the young and old have a role to play in global peace, he submitted.

In his speech entitled, “Conscience Based Leadership, The Secret Of Global Peace and Unity”, he highlighted that proper regulation of small arms globally would go a long way in checking violence and reducing cases of wars.

‘Ego Destroys’

“Our faith is intertwined with that of our leaders, but without truth, the conscience of a leader will no longer heal but bruise the people.

“You can only inspire people when your leadership is governed by your conscience,” highlighting that everything Adolf Hitler built came down when he failed to listing to the dictates of his conscience.

“Conscience builds and ego destroys.”

The former Nigerian President highlighted that with peace, access to health, education and other basic needs of man would be made available for the peoples of the world to enjoy.

“Dictatorial traits – ego, authoritarianism, supremacy battle and the tendencies to disrupt existing orders  – are threats to global peace and they are still so much with us.

“There is no global way of achieving global peace and security, than submitting ourselves to the dictates of our good conscience.

“Conscience-controlled leadership. Conscience controls everybody and leaders that have no conscience can be very brutal,” he stressed.

He, however, admitted that crisis and conflict are part of human existence, but emphasised that the approach in resolving them to ensure they do not result in war should be explored.

Dr. Jonathan commended the JCI for its commitment to global peace and stressed that if other organisations would be committed to global peace, the world will be a better place for everyone.


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