Obasanjo caused PDP crisis – Bankole

Chief Alani Bankole, father of a former Speaker of House of Representatives Dimaji, has accused former Olusegun Obasanjo of spoiling the efforts to stop individuals from being too powerful in the Peoples Democratic Party.

Bankole, who was a Chieftain of the PDP before his recent emergence as Chairman Board of Trustee of the Action Democratic Party (ADP), said while he was in the PDP he and some leaders made efforts to cut the power of individuals, especially President, governors and others in order to salvage the party but were prevented by Obasanjo.

Bankole told newsmen on Sunday in Abeokuta during an interview that he had warned the party that the act of the former President would end up killing the party.

His words: “We have to remove the possibility of individuals being too strong for their people because there must be checks and balances.

“We did it in NPN and it was very successful, we tried to do it in PDP when we started, but Obasanjo scuttled it by taking over the structure of the party and the government and further encouraged the governors in the states to become leaders of the party in their states and as a result, nobody can question governors and no one can as well ask questions from the President at the federal level too except under the late Yar’dua.

”When Obasanjo started it, I warned them on OGTV on the 21st of November 2005 in Abeokuta here that, PDP was going to die because of the way Obasanjo was handling it and the way he was encouraging the governors in the States.

“Whenever there is no check and balance, the end is chaos and after that it is destruction.”

When asked concerning the 2019 gubernatorial race in Ogun State, Bankole stressed that the Yewa/Awori has no moral justification to stop anyone from other sections of the state from contesting with them, saying that they have always been contesting against others too.

He said: “When last did we contest in Ogun state and somebody from Yewa did not contest against others?

“If they have been contesting against others, what moral justification do they have to stop others from contesting against them in 2019? I am more of Yewa, but are the Yewas ready?

“You can’t stop anybody from contesting; all you can do is to produce somebody from Yewa that will be acceptable to everybody in Ogun State. He must be efficient and capable because nobody gives to anyone (power) in the world, everybody fight for it.

“We have people in Yewa that can be good governors, present one.”


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