Kidnap kingpin Evans blames dad for criminal lifestyle

Suspected kidnap kingpin Chukwudumeje George Onwuamadike, alias Evans, has revealed how he gave his father N3million cash, a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) and a Hilux Van before he stopped visiting his hometown, Umudim, Nnewi in Anambra State.

Evans made the revelation ‎when he led detectives to one of the dens his gang used for the detention of victims.

Earlier, his father had claimed that Evans has never given him anything meaningful.

But Evans, who said he believed his father must have started the pig husbandry from the money he gave him, blamed the man for what he turned into.

He said: “Before I stopped going home, I gave my father N3million and I bought him jeep and pick up van.

“I believe he established the piggery business with part of the money I gave him. In fact, had he brought me up properly, I wouldn’t have become the criminal I am today.

“I dropped out of school in JSS2 when my father refused to pay my fees. I have been fending for myself since I was 10 with the support of my mother. And by the way my mother is paralyzed. She’s on sick bed.

“My wife was only lying that she did not spend part of my money. She only wants Nigerians to have sympathy for me. She did not know I was into kidnapping. I only told her that I am doing drugs, which she advised me to stop because it is dangerous.”

“I believe in God, that was why I mandated my wife to always wake my children up for prayers. My favourite bible passage is Psalm 23. My wife does not know why I love the Psalm so much. I love it because of the sins I have committed. I always ask my children to ask for forgiveness for me and also pray that I should not die young.

“I believe in God, because he’s the only one that can save me from the problem I find myself in. I believe it was greed that pushed me into kidnapping. I don’t believe in Juju.”

Although detectives said Evans held Chief James Udoji and five other victims hostage in the Jakande camp until their families paid demanded ransom, the suspect claims that he only had three victims inside the building.

He said: “I have just three camps in Lagos where I kept some of the persons I kidnapped, and the camps are in Jakande, Igando and Gowon areas of the state.

“I collected $1million from Udoji; Another victim Emesbos paid me $300,000, while the third person paid N250,000. Whenever I noticed policemen were after me, I moved the victim to a different camp so that I won’t be tracked,” he revealed.‎


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