I’ve seen my room in heaven, says Pastor Adeboye

In a prophetic tone Monday, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) International, Pastor Enoch Adeboye announced that he has seen the room being prepared for him in Heaven, disclosing that he does “not want to live up to 120 years on earth”.

Adeboye, who spoke in Minna, Niger State, during the 70th birthday celebration of his friend, the founder of Faith Foundation Church, Minna, Pastor Yarima El-Samaila, declared that he is prepared to leave this world.

Observing that many Christians are becoming distracted from being committed to God, the cleric said: “there is no much time left in this world before the coming of Jesus. I have seen my room in heaven; it is a beautiful place. I don’t know how he’ll look like but I am prepared to go to heaven.

“It is not how long you live but how well you spend your life. I don’t want to be 120 years old, longevity is good but there is a limit.

“I want to finish what I have to do here and finish it well; any of us can go at any moment, so we have to get ready for home.

“Our primary focus and goal as Christians should be on finishing his purpose and assignment well so that we can all make heaven.

“I want to appeal to you to be committed to God more than anything else. Many of you are becoming distracted, don’t forget the most important reason why you are here, it is to show forth God’s glory.

“Stop playing church, become committed, do your utmost best so that by the time you are leaving, you can look back and say glory to God, you have fulfilled your purpose on earth.”

Addressing guests at the Idris Legbo Kutigi International Conference Center, Minna, Adeboye congratulated Pastor Yarima El-Samaila on his birthday, urging him to live a day at a time and remain steadfast in his walk with God.

“I thank God for your life, family, ministry and commitment. If you are looking for a man of God, Pastor El-Samaila is a man of God ‘100 per cent’. It takes a man like you to bring me to Minna at a time like this. I celebrate with you. At this time, God expects us to live a day at a time,” he said.

In his remarks, the celebrator appreciated God for granting him life to celebrate his 70 years birthday, adding that “I am full of gratitude to God that I can see this day. At 70, I have seen a bit of life. I have seen lots of my friends and family pass on, that I am alive and well, I thank God.”

Pastor El-Samaila said that at 70, he has grown in wisdom and have discovered that the word of God is absolutely correct and true.

“At 70, the experience is that you are full of wisdom, natural wisdom comes with age. As a Pastor, reading the word of God every day, I have discovered that the word of God is absolutely correct,” he said.


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