Ill-Health: Buhari given eight weeks to resign

A group – the Nigerian Youth Advocate for Justice (NYAJ) – has handed down an eight week-ultimatum to President Muhammadu Buhari to resign his position.

Chairman of the group, Seriki Olorunwa, warned that should Buhari fail to resign as demand, the group will lead “seven million youths to force him out of office.”

Olorunwa, in a statement said the recurrent health challenge of the President has made it impossible for him to govern Nigeria.

The group noted that the Buhari-led All Progressives Congress (APC) has subjected Nigerians to humiliation through its self-serving activities.

It also warned that upon resignation, Buhari should either resign or form an interim government following his absence from the country for more than 53 days.

Olorunwa said: “We urge the Senate, House of Representatives, state house of assemblies and parastatals to persuade Mr. President to resign and hand over to an interim president in the interest of Nigeria.

“We are speaking with one voice for the masses because we want the progress of the people.”

The youths complained that killing, kidnapping and robbery have become the order of the day in the present-day Nigeria, as such, the President should bow out.



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