FG urged to declare emergency rule on navigational systems

Air Traffic Controllers, ATC, have called on the Federal Government, as a matter of urgency, to declare state of emergency on all the navigational equipment at the nation’s airports and sites.

The body lamented that there are various poor communications between controller/pilot and controller/controller at the two area control centres in Kano and Lagos.

The National Air Traffic Controllers Association, NATCA, also called on the government to rebuild the burnt Kaduna and Maiduguri airports control towers, gutted by fire in 2014.

President of NATCA, Mr. Victor Eyaru, at the 45th Annual Air Traffic Controllers General Meeting, AGM, held in Jos over the weekend, said it was necessary to declare state of emergency in the sector to resolve the age-long problem.

Eyaru said the poor communication had remained a nightmare to both pilots and ATC, noting that its resolution would save the country from any form of embarrassment that may result from the current epileptic system.

Eyaru said the nation was passing through recession, but said certain critical infrastructural development that would aid the rendering compact services must not be treated with levity.

On the burnt Kaduna and Maiduguri control towers since 2014, Eyaru said this would go a long way in improving the poor communications between pilots and controllers on that axis.

Besides, NATCA declared that the Abuja Airport runway has become a national embarrassment, stressing that it deserved urgent and sincere attention from the government.

Specifically, Eyaru said the ongoing construction of a new terminal at the airport by a Chinese company was not well sited, maintaining that it would affect controllers on completion.

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