Ese Oruru’s parents rue her continued absence in school, seek her return

The parents of 14 years old Ese Oruru who was taken to Kano from Bayelsa in August 2015, where she was allegedly forced into a marriage, have berated her continued stay in police protective custody.

The Federal High Court Yenagoa on Monday adjourned Ese Oruru’s abduction case to December 8, 2016.

The parents lamented that it was an irony that while the accused was enjoying freedom on bail, the victim was being denied freedom under the guise of protection.

They said the conditions that Ese and her baby were kept is not conducive for their welfare.

Ese Oruru,14, gave birth to a girl on May 25, 2016 while in police care at the Police Officers Mess in Yenagoa. She has remained there since.

Her alleged abductor and father of her baby, Yunusa Dahiru, was arraigned on March 8, 2016 before the Federal High Court, Yenagoa, on charges of criminal abduction, illicit sex, sexual exploitation and unlawful carnal knowledge of a minor.

Ese’s father Charles, has continued to express displeasure over his daughter’s stay at the police officers mess with the baby.

“My daughter has been yearning and crying to go back to school as her classmates are now ahead of her,” he said.


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