Enugu Disco awards N10bn contract for pre-paid meters

The Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) says it has awarded a N10billion contract to commence the first phase of customer metering, in a bid to provide all customers with pre-paid meters.

A Director and board member of the company, Dr. Stephen Dike, who made this known in Enugu at the week end, however, said it would take the company five years to provide all its customers with meters.

Dike made this known while addressing the leadership of a protesting group at the headquarters of the EEDC. Dike told the group that it was not in the interest of the company and its customers to continue with the estimated billing method.

He explained that a metering scheme, initiated in 2014 after the EEDC took over from the defunct Power Holding Company of Nigeria in 2013, was truncated. Dike said that the process of metering customers was not an easy one, adding that the pay-back period of one installed meter was 19 years. He added that the company had lost much on investment, stating that some unscrupulous individuals had even gone to China to manufacture pre-paid meters using EEDC serial numbers.



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