Economic hardship: Ex-minister slams Tinubu for blaming Buhari

* Says: Your policies reckless, cost of governance too high
A former Minister of Sports, Solomon Dalung, has criticised the Tinubu-led government for consistently attributing Nigeria’s economic challenges to ex-President Muhammad Buhari.

In a series of posts on his X account on Monday, Dalung, who served in Buhari’s government, argued that if Tinubu’s administration devotes the same resources and effort used during elections and tribunals to tackle security and economic issues, significant improvements could be achieved.

He emphasised that simply blaming Buhari for economic woes would not alleviate the hardships faced by the people.

Dalung expressed disdain for attempts to shift blame to Buhari and others within his government, stating that it is hypocritical. He questioned whether bulk trading is the only solution proposed by the economic team, highlighting the urgency of addressing hunger and the high cost of living.

Dalung also criticised the reckless economic policies implemented by Tinubu’s government, such as subsidy withdrawal without adequate preparation, currency devaluation without stimulating production, and high governance costs. He argued that blaming Buhari for these issues is unjustified.

Acknowledging Buhari’s failure to fulfill the promised “change”, Dalung maintained that the responsibility for Nigeria’s economic woes lies with Tinubu’s government due to its reckless policies. He called for accountability and urged Tinubu’s administration to take responsibility for its actions rather than deflecting blame onto others like Buhari.

He wrote: “The attempt to change narratives of #officialABAT from “don’t pity me, I look for the job and got it” to blaming Buhari by #BwalaDaniel #aonanuga1956 & Co travellers is uncharitable hypocrisy, #officialABAT knew all these problems, yet “he snatched power and run away with it.

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