Bishop Oyedepo differs on proposed sale of national assets

Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church and Covenant University has advised the Federal government on how to get Nigeria out of the current economic recession.

Oyedepo added his voice to the controversy trailing the sale of Nigeria’s assets, advising that Nigeria should sell its intellectual resources rather than the national assets.

The Federal Government has given reasons why it is imperative for some national assets to be sold off at this point, explaining that government had lost almost half of its expected revenue this year.

The message was contained in his address at the seventh inaugural lecture series for Covenant University, entitled, “Deconstructing the national development agenda: The role of Information and Communications Technologies, ICTs” during the weekend.

Oyedepo pointed out that rather than selling national assets, the government should look inward for the country’s massive intellectual resources that can be sold globally.

He said: “Sell intellectual capital, not national asset,” adding that “Nigeria produces fewer leaders, but mass miscreants.”

The pastor said Nigerians’ love for foreign goods will not stop until both the leadership and the led remain committed to the Nigerian project.

He added: “I have been to Ghana. Many of the schools they have there are glorified secondary schools; but Nigerians still go there because many have lost interest in our educational system and government is not helping matters.

“We must admit that we have problems from education to health to governance. However, problems are like a sore, which keep enlarging if they are not attended to.

“The problems are obvious but God has deposited adequate resources to deal with them. Let us see these challenges as potentials to leap into the future that we all anticipate.”

He further urged leaders to open greater opportunities for Nigerians to thrive through Open Distance Learning, adding that an educated citizen can always add value to the nation’s economy.

“Even if government does not have up to N40 billion, let’s know what they have. But if they claim they have nothing, then there is no value because every developed society thrives on education that is well-funded.”


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