Alleged sex with 30-year-old: Banished widow blames granddaughter for woes

A 70-year-old widow, Mrs. Maria Oko, who was humiliated and banished from Amauzu Nkpoghoro village in Afikpo North council area of Ebonyi State, for allegedly having sex with her 30-year-old boyfriend, Okpanu Nwachi, has given her account of the incident.

Mrs. Oko’s 19-year-old granddaughter, Uriaoma Abani, had caught her allegedly having sex with the man in her matrimonial bed.

An act which is seen by the people of the community as sacrilegious.

Mrs. Oko and Nwachi were paraded around the village with scornful songs as punishment for their act and she was subsequently banished from the community after the parade.

Daily Post quotes her as telling The Sun: “I wouldn’t say whether I committed that crime or not. It is my bad granddaughter who caused this public embarrassment to me because if she did not report to the community, I wouldn’t have suffered this type of public disgrace.

“If she was a good granddaughter, the youths wouldn’t have rung the community bell which caused my disgrace; my granddaughter would have shielded me if she was a good child.

“My cell phone light was on and if I was having intercourse with the man, I would have switched off the phone but the light was on.

“So, my granddaughter shouted and reported to her uncle that she saw a man having intercourse with me. From there, the matter was reported to the youths and to the entire community and I was sanctioned.

“I have no problem with my granddaughter as to warrant her to report me to the community that I was having sex with a man. This is a year and three months I took her to my house to stay with me.

“She gave birth and I took her to my house to stay with me so as to take care of her and I didn’t know that doing so will cause me problem by monitoring me and every step I took.

“Ever since I adopted my granddaughter, her husband doesn’t care how we are faring. It is even the man they said had sex with me that is taking care of her; at times the man will buy uncooked food including rice and some noodles and give her to cook for him.

“The man will just eat a little from the food and leave the rest for her. When my granddaughter’s baby was sick, it was the man who went into the bush and got herbs used in curing the baby”, she explained.

“Yes, the man actually visits our house regularly. He stays till 12 midnight at times. That fateful Sunday they said he had sex with me, he came with his friend from Ozziza community and left at about 10:30pm after drinking some bottles of beer.

“The man later came back to buy local gin which I was selling him when my granddaughter barged into my room with her own cell phone light and shouted that I was having intercourse with the man and started asking the man what he was doing with me.

“I have actually offered the goat the community asked me to bring for what they said I did. I have to give the goat since it is what they said I should give according to tradition.”


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