2019: How PDP will sack Buhari – Bode George

As the race for the National Chairmanship of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gathers momentum, its former Deputy National Chairman (South), Chief Olabode George, has sensationally revealed how he would ensure that his party regains power in 2019.

Bode George disclosed that he would deploy experience and wisdom to rescue and position the party to regain power in 2019.

The PDP chieftain said he would mend fences between aggrieved members of the party and heal old wounds.

Addressing members of the party in Lagos, George promised to resuscitate the dream and principles of the PDP founding fathers as enshrined in the constitution of the party.

According to George, if made the Chairman of the party, he would work with well meaning members of the party to get the presidential power in 2019.

He said: “I have learned the ropes and I have been guided by the collective wisdom of our leaders across our great nation. I fully understand the precepts, the mechanisms and the constitution of our party.

“I know the tradition, the culture, the guiding ethos and the normative patterns that our leaders have built and nurtured for so many years. If elected, I am willing and ready to work with everyone regardless of personal differences to mend the broken places, to heal the ancient wounds, pto reconcile the feuding factions and ultimately ensure that we strengthen our collective brotherhood and speak with one voice to regain victory in 2019.

“I will never compromise our foundational principles of justice, fairness and equity as enshrined in the constitution of our party. We will equally accord all our governors and legislators at both state and national levels the necessary pride of place and honour in this new dawn. We will protect their interests and help to enhance their effectiveness.

“If I am given the privilege to serve, I will never play the role of an overlord. I will serve with dignity and diligence. I will respect the mighty and the low without discrimination. Together, we will remove impunity. Together, we will restore discipline and fair play. We will always insist on internal democracy.

“Our party needs a rescue. Our party needs redemption. Our party deserves a balanced, experienced, tested, trusted and faithful hand. Our party needs a team player and a unifying leadership. Our party needs stability. Our party needs a patriotic emblem, a standard bearer untainted by tribal fixity.

“Here and now, I am humbly making a stand and a declaration as an aspirant for the position of the office of the National Chairman of our party with a vision to serve as a bridge builder, as a peace-maker and as a healer of the broken places.

“I cannot do it alone. Nobody can. I alone cannot resolve all the issues or reconcile all the differences. But I promise to work with our leaders to find a common ground and negotiate a healthy compromise to achieve a common purpose of a strong, prosperous, equitable, democratic and a victorious organization.

“I cannot pretend that I have all the answers. But I am prepared and willing to work with all strata of our party to ensure that the dreams and the visions of our founding fathers are fully restored once again. I am willing to work with the young and the old, the frail and the strong, men and women of all diversities to achieve a progressive synthesis to move our party forward. I am not a stranger to the processes, the spirit, the principles and the guiding ethos of our party.”

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